ABC News 7 (Sweet Bean Cafe)

ABC News Channel 7 with Sweet Bean Cafe - Fort, Myers, Florida.

Interview Script

9:32 a.m right now. Your morning coffee is calling. Sweet Bean Café in Fort Myers is now serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. More Explores is there right now brewing up some some trouble. How you doing Rachel?

I’m doing great you guys. Look how popping this place is this morning. Everyone’s in here getting their coffee, getting their breakfast, but we want to tell you about dinner because they just started serving it, what seven weeks ago? And it’s been a huge hit so we’re going back into the kitchen right now with Chef Valen. This place does it all! It’s a coffee heaven, they are breakfast heaven, they’re a lunch heaven, they’re a dinner heaven. Look at that this food that’s about to go out there. Beautiful! But Chef Valen has the whole setup back here, because this is dinner food and it’s dinner time. It’s dinner time here at Sweet Bean Café. We have baked brie for you to start with as an appetizer, brie apples and amaretto butter inside a puff pastry pillow. It’s toasted almonds and honey! (Beautiful) We have French onion soup done classically with sherry with gruyere cheese on top. That’s a hot appetizer! Then shrimp cocktail, cocktail sauce, and painting and they’re poached. Then we start with the dinner entrees. You have a crab cake with a mango, with a key lime for blanc, then you have the six ounce choice upper choice filet mignon grilled to whatever temperature you’d like, and then the 12 ounce pork chop, grill to whatever temperature you’d like as well. (We really got the whole menu out here) Almost. (I’m for it, I love it!) The special this week is Canadian salmon, grilled with a grain mustard, and honey glaze. And Bermuda onion straws and corn flour. (Beautiful) And then Mark’s specialty, which we’ve all met before, he’s the chef, the garmache. Derek is our chef sauté that does the crab cakes. We have a peanut butter, with peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. This is a brownie this is a dessert too you can have this every day! (Cody’s making weird noises behind the camera man) The molten lava cake, (oh yeah!) I have as well. And then the popular crème brulee. We also have the key lime pie which is made in-house as everything here is made in-house. The key lime pie has a sugar cookie crust and it was one of the Gene Labour’s top 20 plates for 2020. This is a strawberry cake that we make here as well. You’ll see we make the cakes right here, we have a baker. We also have a little Prosecco if you’d like it with your dessert. We have a great dinner menu with appetizers and desserts. We also have a fantastic wine menu that you can pair with all your entrees. We have cabs and pinots for the meats and we have all your whites your pinot grigio for for your fish and your desserts. And with a little French stuff here for you as well. I’ve been saying it all morning, come for the coffee, stay for the dinner, and the dessert, and the wine, and all the good stuff. How many places can you go where you have all of this stuff? (Dive in Cody, you go right at it!) I kind of want to see the the brie now. (You want to learn how to make a heart today) Oh yeah, oh yeah, we didn’t talk about all this fancy art stuff. We’re running out of time, but walk me through it really quick! Alright, so really quick what you want to do is – make a circle, okay. Right after this, Oh! A big circle! Yeah, after that you can put white in the chocolate. (Okay.) That’s what you want to do. (Our producer Zach’s going to kill us). Yep, place it down. Place a dot. (Okay.) Another one. (Okay.) And another one. (Okay, oh that looks pretty similar.) And then you have (magic tool is a toothpick). Now, if you start on the outside and drag it through and then you get three hearts. (Oh! Sorry Zach, love you! This heart’s for you!) Lovely. Beautiful! I love the presentation! The food looks amazing there. It does, it looks very good. Very! If you’d like to try out their cup of joe, perhaps their breakfast lunch or dinner, or the desserts – head to Sweet Bean Café. It’s in Fort Myers.